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Confusion Of Mpeg 2


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Hi all..


WIth burning software, any burning software, or even different products like Nero, how come you can add over 2 hours of video on a dvd DL disc ? and will fit, even when options like "fit-to-disc" are not available, or unchecked


I thought DVD+R DL can hold about >120 minutes (240 minutes actually), but if I have 8x 5 hours of 42-43 minute TV episodes each (roughly).


why can these fit on DVD Video disc (MPEG 2) ?


If 4 hours if the limit, then shouldn't you only be able to fit a max of 4 hours, regardless of what content it is ? I could never get this .... I know bit-rate can be an be one, another the resolution, and third, the codec, but what if all movies added where al the same ?


For reference, the extension of the movie file(s) are AVI.

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I bet they were DivX or Xvid type avi files. They are highly compressed so you can get a lot of hours onto a DVD. Of course the drawback is that you have to have a player that will play DIvx or XVid.


Google for compression if you are interested. Also download the free gspot video codec appliiance; it will tell you about what codecs were used.


Never believe the hype about the number of minutes on a DVD from the manufacturer; they are usually for data discs or data disc contain video files.

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MPEG-2 is uncompressed video. It is very inefficient for storage, but is playable by 'most anything.


Compressing the video into AVI containers I store typically 12 TV episodes on a single-layer DVD.

Compressing to MP4 or MKV I can get even more on a disc.

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