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Videowave Hangups - Split From Hijacked Thread


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Surely there has to be a better solution to this. I had this problem when I bought Creator 2010, but attributed the problem (presumptiously) to my system. I had problems reinstalling Creator 2010 after replacing my old hard drive with a newer, faster, more reliable Solid State drive. For that reason I bought the Creator NXT suite. Now the lockups are even worse than before. I have spent more than 6 hours on a single video conversion project because of the lockups forcing me to close the application and reload, and often having to start over.


I am less than pleased with this product, and then to find out I have to pay for support now?!?! Roxio and Corel both have dropped significantly on my credibility scale!

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Someone split the thread because no two problems are always the same and as you said there has to be a better way.


Please provide us this information (link) so we can start with some knowledge of what you are working with.


Are you getting any error messages? Tell us about your project; what application are you working with? You say video conversion - are you using Video Wave or Copy and Convert; -- High definition or standard definition? What format is the video that you are trying to convert? What is the source of the video. Are you just converting or are you doing any editing?


What are you doing just before the lock ups. I gather the lock ups mean the the program doesn't respond.


Perhaps we can see more - go to Windows Search and type in "Event Logs" Control panel and look at the event logs. Click on the viewer and look for the error, copy and paste the error in this thread. See image:


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