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Copy Song And Add To Cd-Rw Disc






To begin with, I am a real novice when it comes to computer-related stuff. I don't even know

if I'm in the right place to ask for advice, since I have no idea what "(in Red Box)" means.


Anyway, if I'm not in the right place, please direct me to it.


Here's my problem: I'm trying to copy a song from an audio disc, then add it to the end of

an already-recorded cd-rw disc. I have Roxio Easy CD And DVD Burning software.


Thanks for any help/advice you can give me. Whatever happened to free and friendly

customer support?!





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The 'Red Box' was a reference to what it came in... ;)



(I'd call that RED!)


An Audio CD cannot be left 'open', therefor it cannot be Appended.


However, you can Rip the songs from a CD-RW and add your new song then burn a new disc :huh:


If you are doing this sort of thing often, you might want to keep a few of the CD-RW discs on hand.


Many Players have trouble with RW type discs so many of us just buy a spindle of CD-R's and throw them out when we make a new one ;)


We should know just what software you are using though, so how about clicking on Help - About and tell us what it has to say?



(NEVER post your CD-Key)


Then we can get specific and supply pictures to help get you moving with this!

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Thanks for agreeing to "take my case"!


Hopefully this is the information you wanted:



Easy CD and DVD Burning Home

Version 10,3,104

Build: 101B4A, ECD

Serial Number: E


Module Name: PX Engine






You cannot add (append) to an audio CD. You will have to redo the audio CD and include the new song.

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Hi George,


As Jim said, you'll need to 'rip' both the songs from your RW disc, and the extra song you want from the other CD, to a directory on your hard drive. Then erase the CDRW, and write a new audio disc with all the desired songs included.


Here's how to do it with Easy CD & DVD Burning:


[1] Go to Audio > Rip CDs with your CDRW in the drive and select all tracks




[2] Click the Options button at the bottom right and select to rip to WAV file. [This will copy the song to a file without losing any fidelity.] Click OK, and then click the big orange button to start the rip.




[3] When the first rip finishes, insert your other source CD and select only the track you want. Click the big button and rip that extra track. You will have a bunch of WAV files saved on your hard drive in your 'My Documents\My Music' folder, usually under the name of the artist.


[4] Now go to Audio > Audio CD, and you'll be running Easy Audio CD.




[5] Click 'Add Music' and navigate to the folder(s) where your ripped tracks are stored. Highlight them all and click OK to put them all into the project. You can rearrange them by highlighting a track and clicking the up or down arrow.


[6] Insert your CDRW. If you haven't previously erased it, you can get the program to do it for you at this point.


[7] Click the big button and burn your new CDRW with all the previous tracks plus your new one.




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