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Signal Protected On Xbox 360?



So i bought my hd pro and set it up and it worked perfectly fine for about 2 hours, then the visual input went and i only got sound, so i restarted everything and i got the signal protected message, with no input at all to the tv, and some fuzzy lines on the preview screen. I have tried changing lots of settings and reinstalling etc. i also tested it on different computers. There seems to be no fix for signal protected on an xbox???? I am starting to think that my hardware is broken...

Any help will be greatly appreciated as i am thinking of getting a refund after a week or 2 of trying to fix the problem.

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The only thing that is supposed to not be HDCP protected is games.

If you are playing anything else then there's a chance you're going to run in to this issue.

If you are playing a game and getting this then I'd suspect an issue with the XBox.


There is no fix for this.That's why you can't use an HDMI from a PS3.They are HDCP protected always.

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I am playing games, call of duty black ops 2. You said it might be the xbox? It worked fine for about 2 hours so im not sure what could have gone wrong.

Is this definatly not a hardware problem? because if it isn't then a replacement wont help. Im sorry if im not explaining anything very clearly.

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