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Trouble Converting Large .tivo Files



I recently purchased Toast 11 Titanium for Mac so I could transfer some non-copyrighted videos from my TiVo as I needed to perform a factory reset of my TiVo box. I have updated to the 11.1 update and then ran the software update again to install the most recent version. I was able to successfully transfer the wanted files using the TiVo transfer application; however, while trying to convert the .tivo files to .m4v using the default settings, I am getting mixed results. Some of the HD recordings are two hours or less (approximately 15 GB or so), and I have successfully converted one of these files, and another appears to be converting successfully as I type this. It was a slow process, but I'll take slow as long as it does the job. However, some of my recordings are exceedingly long, four hours or more (between 20 and 40 GB files). For these, I have been unable to convert them. The process just sits on 0% completed forever. I thought maybe I was just being impatient, so I started a conversion of a 26.85 GB file last night around 8pm and let it go all night. Woke up this morning, 12 hours later, still 0% completed. I thought maybe I could just cut the file into two parts using the Edit function and convert each part separately, but when I click Edit, it just clocks and clocks and clocks, and I eventually have to Cmd-Opt-Esc to Force Quit the program to end the hang-up. I can't even watch the files on the Roxio Video Player without the system hang-up. I verified that the files were not corrupted, because this morning I successfully returned the 26.85 GB file back to my TiVo box and watched the program.


Is there a file size limit or something that prevents these files from being converted/edited? Can anyone suggest a solution for how to get these converted?

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