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"no Signal" Hdmi Only



i recently purchesed the roxio hd pro i was really exciting when it came in but i cant get it set up to my ps3.


I followed everything the "getting starter (ps3)" tutorial said, im using component input and output.

i adjusted my ps3 display settings to "component D terminal" selected all definitions except 1080p

and set audio output settins to "audio input connector/scat/av connector". then i plugged

the usb into my laptop connecting to capture card,i put a game in my ps3, and i opened the capture software

and it says

source= roxio game capture hd pro


status= no sinal


it wont let me change my input to component it says that hdmi is the only option and i dont even have an hdmi

plugged in. on the capure card its self the light is on for YPbPr



i did this in multiple variations about 20 times i tried component input, hdmi output, i even tried removing and re downloading

the softwhere to the get the same results. i have no idea what im doing wrong

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it came up under "unspecified" and "trans coder" i clicked the "trans coder" file it opened, and now my capture card is working! idk what that did but it works now THANKS!


What you need for it to be installed correctly is the listing under Sound Game and Video Controllers 'Roxio GAMECAP'. Anyother listing under Other Devices or Unspecified as TRANSCODER or a question mark (?) means the RGC USB Driver is not installed correctly.

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