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No Preview Screen

Paul J.


Hello everyone, I sm having an issue with my HD Pro Capture card, for some reason on my laptop I'm getting a purple preview screen.


My laptop is a gateway ne6r31u

Windows 8 OS

HD Space 500 gigs

6gb DDR3 ram

DVD=Suoer Multi DL drive

Intel Celeron B830 processor 1.8GHz 1.8GHz

Intel HD Graphics card


Playstation 3

500 gig HD (Gen 2 PS3, MGS4 LE Gun metal)

HD Component Cables (Both sides)


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the program quit responding, with the words (The Program is not responding)


And you title the thread "No Preview Screen"!


Turn off all programs and put the installation disc in a drive, when the installer offers repair run it and reboot the PC when done.

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I did all that, I even went to run a clean install (After uninstall, I removed the remaining folder) now it works, but still no preview screen.


EDIT: I did all this last night, posting here was a last resort, and it's still has no preview screen after booting it up the first time today.

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It stays purple, I found a temporary fix for it, though. (I have to disable the HD Graphics card)


Edit: Thanks for the help


You have a laptop with a Intel HD Graphics chip, no other Graphics card/chip on/in the laptop?


You disable the HD Graphics chip and your RGC works? :wacko:

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