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Red No Signal



I have been messing with Roxio Game Capture Pro HD for over four hours now. I have been uninstalling and installing trying to get both of the drivers but it doesn't want to seem to install both of them from the disc as you can see in my screeshot in the device manager. I always get the red "No Signal" status in the program. I use component cables on the xbox 360 arcade edition with a 20 gig hard drive. I am sure i have the cables hooked up right and i have done the disconnect the usb and uninstall the driver restart computer etc. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I have browsed these forums trying to find out how to fix this so any advice would be great.



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There is only one driver, what made you think there were 2 :huh:


Looks like all is well as far as Software, Drivers it is just getting a signal to the device that is lacking...


I am not familiar with the the 'Arcade Edition'???


Why are you using Component when HDMI is recommended for Xbox?


Are you sure it even has Component? It does not appear that it can do HD or am I mistaken???


You are not using a USB Hub in there are you? (won't work)


Have you tried hooking up a completely different source, like a DVD or BD Player?

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I am not sure what you mean about scart connection i have all the cables that were issued with the device and i also have the xbox cable it just keeps saying no signal and video device failed. I have a 2010 computer model.


Most likely an Xbox setting or connection... look through the Xbox setup very carefully,



Likewise there is a Video you can watch

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Same here i have the original game capture device and i cannot get a signal does the cable connected to the xbox need to be off the tv setting? thats all i can think of


YES.set the switch to HD.

Look in System Settings on the XBox,Display and make sure that it's showing Component as the connected video.

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