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Problem With Buzzing Noise Through Headset

Kase in HD




I have had the HD Pro for a while now and I have had a good time with it until i booted it up today.


Now usualy I have no problems.

I have a turtle Beach x12 and the way my setup is was fine, I have componant cables on the input and output for my xbox and then the turtle beach cable intercepting the red and white audio cables. When I booted up the capture software today i got an ear-deafening sound through the headset which i have found out to be the roxio causing feedback through the headset. It only happens when the capture software is on, and I bought the HD Pro for the sole reason I could record and hear the audio with the headset.


What is wrong? I cant find a solution and I cant record anymore with the noise coming through on my mic recodings.


P.S - The USB on the roxio is not fitted well and is slightly loose, Is this suppost to be like this as the feedback noise changes when i nudge it?

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