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Buffer Under Run Error


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I am using Windows 8 running on a Macbook Pro (retina display) trying to burn movies to DVD with Roxio Creator Pro NXT. The problem I keep having, even after taking to laptop to the Apple store is I can't burn any DVDs. I have ruined 5 or 6 DVD+R DL disks each time receiving a "buffer under run" errors. The software and laptop are up to date and I have tried researching the problem to no avail. So, my question is, can this be fixed or do I have to wait for the update?

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Data which are being sent from your system to an optical burner are stored in buffers. There's a system buffer in your computer, and a much smaller hardware buffer in the burner drive.


Your system must keep sending data to the buffers faster than the burner is writing it to disc, or else the buffers run dry and the burn stops. This condition is called a 'buffer underrun'. Most modern burners can recover from very short underruns, but if you get a prolonged underrun they give up and the disc is ruined.


The two main ways to prevent these disasters are

[1] Adjust your system and method so that the data flow as fast as possible

[2] Slow your burn rate so that it is not faster than the data can arrive at the burner.


I don't know much about your computer, but it might help to stop any other programs from running while you're burning. It might also help to first burn to an image on your hard drive, and then burn the image to disc. [This helps separate processing delays while rendering the video, from the actual burning process.]

Dropping the burn speed to something your system can sustain is a vital step. I usually burn at no more than half the rated speed, and I get few problems.



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