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Adjusting Capture Aspect Ratio And Fps



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You can't!


You bought a HD Capture device and ALL HD is 16:9...


In the editor (VideoWave), you can right click on the clip and select how it will handle 'non-standard' aspect ratios. There are 2 choices, pick the one you like best ;)


Also under File - Preferences, you can set it to use the one you like as the default.

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OK, here is a quick lesson in Aspect Ratios...


They are LAW and cannot be

If something captures in 4:3, receives a Widescreen signal it produced black bands or Crops part of the picture off! (the sides, remember ratios are mathematical LAW!)


The software you cited will not work with the Roxio GameCAP - actually no other software will.


What do you perceive as a problem here? (I am curious)


Some other options would be open to you in VideoWave (the editor)


You can force it to a 4:3 Project and then decide how to handle the Aspect Ratio of the Clip.


But look at the results of your ONLY choices:


(bands top and bottom)



(severe cropping of the sides while filling the banded area)


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The problem is my raw footage is stretched. I'm aware that I can edit the footage to correct the distortion however that's an extra step I don't want to take.


I also own a Hauppauge HD PVR 2 that correctly captures my gameplay at 4:3 so my raw footage looks great (it maintains the original 4:3 aspect ratio). It also is able to capture 16:9 content and have the raw footage maintain it's original aspect ratio as well. I don't understand why the Roxio HD Pro is not able to do the same thing.


Will the SD Roxio Game Cap capture my 4:3 footage and maintain the aspect ratio or will it stretch the footage to 16:9 as well?

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To edit I don't use VideoWave, I use Adobe Premiere. My understanding is that Videowave is for editing footage not capturing footage.


What happens when you just use the SD Game Capture and the Roxio Capture software with 4:3 footage? Does the raw file maintain it's original aspect ratio?


The Roxio Capture software I'm referring to is this: http://i.imgur.com/4SvTjtL.jpg

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