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Converting Video_Ts Makes Toast Not Responding



I'm trying to convert some DVDs into iPod Touch format. After I've done a few of them, I have a problem in that Toast does not respond (spinning coloured wheel). Then, after trying a few things, it works for another one and then it stops again for the next one.




I was able to convert two VIDEO_TS Folders at one go, once. Tried selecting VIDEO burning, and other ones, and then it worked, once.


My last selection fails every time with Toast not responding. Force Quit and everything I've done before, doesn't work. Even tried copying the VIDEO_TS folder to the hard drive. No good.




I've tried: restarting; shut down for twenty seconds; re-installing Toast 10; deleting the files I had trouble with CD Spin Doctor and then re-installing Toast 10 (a complete re-install as far as I can see). Still doesn't work.


It's as if there is a file limit/file in place that need to be resolved/deleted (the problem I had with Spin Doctor was resolved by deleting certain files before trying again).


I would appreciate any suggestions.

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I do know that Toast has incompatibilities when the VIDEO_TS folder was a ripped disc with some ripping applications. However, since you mention that you tried copying the VIDEO_TS folder to a hard drive it must be that the source is still on the DVD disc. In this case you don't need to use the VIDEO_TS folders setting but can use the DVD Disc setting in the Convert window instead. Another approach is to choose the Video files setting and select the video titles you want to convert via the DVD section of the Toast Media Browser. That workaround may be the best option when your usual method doesn't work.

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