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Video Capture - Adaptive Scale ?



I’m using Roxio 2011 to Capture Video for some from DVD’s to WMV files.


Capture Settings - Custom Profile WMV 9


I set the Frame rate (NTSC) and Resolution settings (using highest setting for 16 x 9 or 4 x 3, depending on original, as I plan on using these as a “master” file for making different size files for other devices - HD TV, Ipad, Kindle Fire HD, etc.)


But I’m not sure what Setting to use for Screen Adaptation and I can’t find anything about it in the help file or on the Roxio website.


The choices are None, Letterbox, Stretch, and Adaptive Scale


I’m thinking it should be set to “None” as I am copying it “as is”. But I’m wondering if “Adaptive Scale” might be something that helps it play correctly on different resolution devices?


Which setting should I use for the Screen Adaptation ?


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Before you get some nasty remarks about DRM protection, please confirm that you are doing this for your personal and private use and not for sale or for profit.. If the program does see that the video is DRM protected, it may not work depending on the DRM protection. It seems that you are not getting that notice.

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I have been searching the web for the term "Adaptive Scale" and could not find anything that is a simple explanation of it. What I find relates to bit rate or video pixel aspect (if I put on my thinking hat). Some of ti relates to streaming video over a network and video for other devices. . I just don't know


Why don't you try one video with adaptive scale to see what you get ? Let us know.

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