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Recording Problem



I have an unusual problem with recording time on mine. Ok, first off, I'm using the Record option because what I'm trying to put onto the DVD is 3 1/2 hours long with no blank spots / interruptions.


I bought some DL DVD's (as suggested by Roxio) and the computer recognizes it as the quality says 2 hours best quality / 4 hours longer duration.

Now then (I'm watching it on my computer as it recorded) it did seem to record all 3 1/2 hours and once the tape was done, I hit the stop recording and it said it was finishing the DVD.


After it ejected, I placed it back into the DVD drive to play - it played normally until 2 hours 3 minutes and 24 seconds it suddenly stopped playing and looped back around to the beginning and started replaying... (twice in a row). Later I took it out of the computer and placed it in a dvd player.. it did the same thing. It's as if it did record but can't get past that one spot despite I having set it for longest duration.


Is there a reason behind this? Was it because I hit the stop recording button before it reached the full 4 hour duration? I have other VHS tapes with 3 hours on them (no blank spots) but if I can't get past 2 hours, how do I get past this problem (and there's no interruptions or stopping places to edit them out)??


I tried contacting Roxio on this and they got so confused as to what to do, they suggested checking the message boards to see if anyone else came up with a solution or had the same problem.

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...a DL disc will hold about 2 hours at Best Quality and you are trying to cram another 1 1/2 hours onto one :huh:


You are only starting with VHS tape quality and it can't tolerate being reduced much below that!


You have rediscover what we all know about Record DVD... Now try using Record - Edit - Save instead ;)


When you get done you can burn your file by putting 2 hour onto your first DL DVD (use the trim window to split it)


And then trim it again to burn the remainder on another DL DVD.


Most users here would not even attempt to capture that much material in one file. Most prefer smaller capture files, say 1/2 hour or less, then combine them in the Editor.

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