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Toast Titanium.app Can't Be Opened



I installed Toast Titanium 11 a while ago intending to use it when I got a blu-ray recorder. Today I tried to run it for the first time and it came up with 'The application Toast Titanium.app can't be opened. -1712'. I uninstalled and re-installed but the same message came up. I can find no help in the manual or other users posts.

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Thanks, I did what you suggest and it continued to come up with the same error. I switched off my MAC overnight and when I switched it back on and had another try, clicked on the toaster, it came up with a registration form. Followed that process and the program came up this time. However it was a nightmare trying to copy one of my own Dvd`s from the internal player to my external recorder or from the external player to the internal recorder. Managed in the end by recording from and to the internal. Reason I bought this software is to be able to record Blu-ray which is on my external. Hope that works when I give it a try. I have never, and I've been in home computing (as a user not an expert) since Atari and ping pong, experienced such a messy awkward software. Add to that the almost complete lack of constructive help from the company practically forcing me to seek help on a user forum. This is not an experience I would seek to repeat and reflects very badly on all the companies products which I will be avoiding from now on. A product such as this with so much company prestige and a price to match should work, out of the box, first time with no problems most of the time. For the odd problem there should be an informed and helpful 'help' facility for the lifetime of the software as you might not use all the facilities at first not, be redirected to paid help options.






Thank you once again for your help.

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