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Component Cables Not Working With Hd Pro



I just picked up the roxio hd pro yesterday and didnt test it till today and here is what i have experienced.

I tried to hook up the card with component cables and it doesnt show a feed at all and then it goes haywire and switches between hdmi and component mode over and over and then freezes up everything on my computer i have to open task manager to kill the program,

I hooked it up via hdmi and it worked perfectly but there is one problem i have no way to hook up my headphones since my TV/monitor does not have an audio out on it


does anyone know if there is a fix for my problem?




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What console are you using?


If it's a PS3 I don't have the answer.If it's an XBox then it's pretty easy.


What you need is the XBox HD Audio adapter.Here's one.


Unlike the regular A/V adapter this one will fit with the HDMI cable connected.

Just connect your head set to the Red and White on the adapter and you should get audio.

That's how mine connects.

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