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Roxio Easy Vhs To Dvd3 Plus Video Import Quality

John Shinnick


I have recently acquired the above software and associated Capture Device. I believe after a week of "playing" I am satisfied that I understand the features and able to perform all activities.


However, I have about 200 hours of tapeing to import and edit from my Sony Handycam video8 video camera. Unfortunately the quality of the Imported video is many times poorer than the original quality than if I view it direct to a TV screen. Accordingly, I do not wish to commence my 200 hour project before I am satisfied of the imported video quality (see the attachment for an example of the imported quality) .

By way of assessment I strongly recommend the product provided the following can be sorted out.


If someone has experienced this issue I would be grateful for a resolution. My diagnostics would suggest it can only be:

  1. The USB Port may be a 1.1 rather than the preferred 2.0
  2. The cable between the Video Camera and Capture Device may need to be of a higher quality
  3. The Capture Device may be faulty or maybe the resulting import quality is the best it can do
  4. My computer which has 8 gig of memeory and 8X2gig processors may be inadequate - I doubt it

I am a retiree and keen to launch into my project.


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Well… In order

  1. NO! – it would not even work and will issue a warning
  2. Doubtful – as long as your length is 1 to 2 meters (shorter=better)
  3. Very Doubtful…
  4. Minimum requirements are pretty minimal ~ LINK


Some Questions…


What are your PC specs? (CPU type & speed)


What are you connecting with (RCA or S-Video)?


Is a SCART connection involved?


What Quality are the Source Tapes? (SP, LP or EP)


What Quality are you setting the Output to?

(in your pic it looks like the result of reduced quality)
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Also. how old are the tapes? If they are 10-15 years old, that is not too bad an image. Allowing for the upload. I've had some that bad.


You said they were for a Sony 8 camcorder; not even a Hi8 so the quality will not be very good. Try capturing 10 minutes or so of the most recent tape to see if degradation of the tape is partly to blame.


All you may be able to do is prevent the loss of the memories as the tapes deteriorate.


Edit: I forgot to ask the model number of the Sony camcorder.

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I am very grateful for all the help and support to date from both the support team and the user group. Unfortunately no suggestions have improved the quality of my pictures.

Unfortunately the problem all along has been the Capture Device/Dongle which sadly has recently even failed to import sound and picture using my laptop. In fact, using the software/hardware on my desktop causes the computer to continually reboot as soon as I commence the import. In short the Capture Device is defective.

My frustration has forced me to further invest in a shelf package from a local retailer – Dick Smith. Fortunately the software is giving a near perfect digital replication of the VHS 8mm Video Camera tape. The software acquired was Gadget Geek VHS to DVD Maker.

In the process of sorting out my problem I have also taken at least a week to understand the editing features of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD3 Plus. Accordingly, the unedited digital data generated by Gadget Geek VHS to DVD Maker is my editing source using the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD3 Plus editing software. I am yet to investigate the editing features of Gadget Geek VHS to DVD Maker simply because of the learning process and time investment.

I am hoping with the above as background that the Corel group will provide me with a new Capture Device to replace the failed unit. In affect I would assume this is a warranty benefit. If required I will return the failed unit to Corel.

Again I thank the support team and user group for their assistance and hope that my plight is an aberration. The features of the software are commendable. I simply believe I was unlucky to receive a defective Capture Device.

Regards, John

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