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Connection To Xbox Without Component Tv



Hi i am trying to connect my cature card to my tv and xbox 360 even though my tv doesnt support component. i have bought a component to hd cable but that doesnt seem to recognise. i have connected to the tv with the video lead from the xbox cable but the picture on the capture card is fuzzy and blue. any suggestions???

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What sort of input jacks are on your TV?.


You say you have bought a "component to HD cable".......do you mean you have a Component to HDMI cable, or Component to Composite (Yellow (video)/Red and White (audio).


Please try and explain how you are hooked up.


Here is how http://www.youtube.c...fs=1&autoplay=1

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Hi I have bought a component to hdmi cable but i dont get a picture on my tv or computer but get thec sound. At present i have set up by using xbox to ca card via component and audio. The video plug is connected to the tv and audio is from tv to cap card. This worked for a period but only in pal 50 and now it doesnt work all i can see is a blue screen that moves across the comp screen.

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HDMI to Component will not work! (just got one and tried it)


Signals are not compatible so the only way it can work is with an active converter in between the two.


Your RGC did come with a Scart Adapter didn't it?


You should be able to hook it up as Tony indicted or make use of the included adapter.

(Edit: I see that the Scart is for use with Component video so it would not work...)


Try Tony's way first ;)

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