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Gamecap Discoveres A Problem And Stopped Working

Marco S


Hello there, i have a huge Problem after reinstaling my Operating System.


Here are the facts:


first: i lost my software-CD but in order to use Roxio with my netbook i created an Iso (unfortunately my Netbook was to lame) and thanks god, its even on my external.


So yesterday i had to reinstall my Windows and by the way i created 3 Partitions on my harddisk.

System Informations: Windows XP Sp3 32bit (installed as ACPI Multicore) on a 50 GB Partition © (on the second is Windows 7 and the third with about 350 GB is for documents and settings (here are also the user-accounts)) 3,01 Ghz Quadcore and 3.25 GB RAM.


The Roxio is plugged in at a PCI-USB 2.0-Hub


Now i wanted to reinstall Roxio, but as i said, my CD is cast away and so i mounted the Iso with Daemon, installed the Software with my Key (only the CD is lost, the package including the cd-cover is still on a safe place) to C: and rebooted the PC. After restart i want to start Roxio, but then i recieve the following message:


Roxio GameCapturePad has encountered a problem and needs to close (its nearly that. i get this in an other language^^) and i can choose to send this to microsoft, as usual when something wont work.



So what to do? i already tried to make a clean restart and reinstalled Roxio, i also reinstalled it with firewall and avast off, but nothin will work.

Strange: when i choose the Roxio with other Programms like virtualdub or webcammax, i can record and view my console, but i cant set the input-resolution, so it only shows the usual rainbows.




Please help me, if i will need the original cd, where can i get it again without paying another 100€?


last but not least: sorry if i disspell something or made grammar-mistakes, im not a native speaker, so i hope you can understand what i mean.


edit: i bought the Roxio in July 2012 in an Electronic-Store in my Town and ive got the bill as i have the package and key. But without the cd i cant change it in the store. The software was installed before and worked as it should, i saved the data on my external, hoping i could use it without reinstalling. The original drive was completely formated, but i also saved my own data, the windows folder and really all folders and files i could on my external, so if there is some option to restore the original installation, let me know.


edit2: just tried to uninstall the drivers plugged out, started new and reinstalled roxio, reboot and plugged in. still doesnt work. Directx 10 and IE 8 are installed too. drive c has 7 GB free space

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