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What Is Error 80004003 And How Do I Fix It


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I have tried 3 times to put my slides on a dvd and keep getting error 80004003


What program are you using to put the slides on a DVD? The error code indicates that you have either:

1) A problem with the media you are trying to use.

2) A problem with your optical drive (burner).


Can you burn anything to a blank disc using Windows and a re-writable disc?


Do you have any Roxio program on your computer and what application within that program are you trying to use? You posted in the right section of the forum for general questions not relating to Roxio but letting us know would help troubleshoot.

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I just installed Windows 8. Ran Videowave in roxio creator 2010 pro. Received message agter rendering- "Destination drive does not have enough space error burining image 8000-4003 error. Error took place while aborting." Help!. Most probably will not check this site again. If you can help email me at jflebreton@bellsouth.net. Tks, JFL

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