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Laptop Not Detecting Game Cap



Hello all. I'm not exactly huge on computers and I've recently been having some frustrating issues with my game cap. I purchased it last week and gave me absolutely no trouble at all. Everything was working flawlessly - even the infamous software. So, over the weekend I brought the unit to my friend's house. His cpu is rather old and connection speeds aren't anywhere as fast as mine. Regardless, we installed everything with no issues and started to stream. ( The resulting quality was very choppy nonetheless, but I wasn't surprised :lol: )


Here's the problem. I went back home and got everything set up. I plugged in the usb to my laptop and the status showed no signal. I double checked to see if the wiring was correct and I made sure the unit lighted up but to no avail. I thought removing and re-installing everything from scratch would do the trick, but unfortunately it hasn't.


I'd hate to have to return this thing, as I've seen how well it works. But before I do that, I'm wondering if maybe someone could help me. Any and all tips would be appreciated. Thanks ! :D

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Hey sorry for the delay, I got busy. Anyway, I was about to determine the status and it occurred to me: what if I switch to another hdmi port on my tv ? Voila. Works like a charm again. Perhaps it wasn't connected right ? Idk. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.

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