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Slight Video Delay (Lag) While Recording From My Super Nintendo.



Hello everyone,

I recently purchased the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus to start recording Let's Plays of my favourite Super Nintendo games from when I was a kid, but when I'm recording and playing through the computer, there's a slight lag, and the framerate seems slower than that of the final, compressed product. Anyone have any tips as to how to fix this fps decrease?

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If you are within the 30 Day period (or really really close) you could return the product.


Roxio makes 2 different products that are geared to you requirements!




These 2 include a Pass Through on device that allows you to connect to a TV or Monitor with HDMI or Component...


They do not do Standard Definition though! (no provision for S-Video or Composite signals)


Or you can try the splitter as you mentioned - your right, they used to be common but now are harder to locate :lol:

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