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i'm have a sony computer runing windows 7 64bit all the other product in creator NXT work fine but when i open up Create labels i get a warning

as all my other sftware work in 64bit i dont want to change my settings, is there a way to run it in 64bit mode without the program twice the size of the screen



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You're not telling us what the "warning" is, and you seem to be inferring but not saying directly that the label creator is being drawn twice the size of your screen.


Please tell us what the warning is.


Please tell us what screensize [in pixels] is set on your machine, and what Dots Per Inch [DPI] setting you have in your Display Properties > Settings > Advanced > DPI Settings box. [or the equivalent in Windows 7]

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sorry The warning is (In order for this application to run correctly, your display settings need to bee changed to 1024x768 at 32 bit color. click o.k to continue or cancel to quit.) my compuer dislay settings are 1920x1080 60hz and i think dpi is 144 pixels per inch. when the program does open it too big for the screen i have drag the program to see the other part of the program

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