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Screwed Up Signal To My Tv (But The Capture Works Great!)



OK! so I get my Roxio HD PRO and hook up my ps2 (With component cables, Hard to find imo) and the signal reaches the PC with NO problems at all and I can record NO problem at all. I have component cables FROM the Roxio to my tv and when i turn the PS2 on the PS2 logo appears and i see that on the tv no problem, BUT when the game (Resident evil 1 for PS1) actually appears i get a INVALID FORMAT on my tv (Its an LG, about 4 years old). I tried a HDMI cable from the roxio to the tv and it does the same thing untill the gameplay begins then IT flickers in out out, kind of flashes on the screen for half a sec then goes blank for 3 secs then flashes again. repeat. repeat. the audio with both cables works fine. Help Please? cant play the game by the capture alone, the lags bad, the zombies eating my face before i know hes there!


-Thanks for any input here!

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Don't know for sure ;)


Mine was from HDMI from a HD camcorder, and it was the first time I got all those options :lol:


I belive the device is aware of what is being input and won't let you pick one higher than that. (that's a guess)


You might try inputing into something like a DVD or BD Player then using the HDMI output to see what happens???

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PS1 games were at most 640 x 480.

Try changing the resolution on your tv to that if you can.


The software is telling you it's seeing 480i from the console.Make sure that your tv can display it.

The TV is not liking what it's receiving.

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