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Compression Issue When Using Toast 11 To Burn A Disc Image (Iso)


Hi Roxio Community,


Have a problem with Toast 11.


Trying to burn a Disc Image created in Adobe Encore. When I drag in the .iso file from Finder it loads up as expected but when I go into the settings it shows that the quality is only Very Good and not Identical as it shows when I copy direct from a DVD directly as opposed to an iso file? The compression is showing as 'Low' and the quality is less than 100% match to the original.


Why is this? I have already encoded it Toast please don't try and re-encode it!


In seriousness, is it something that will be a problem? Should I just burn it from Disk Utility?


Really appreciate any help or advice.


Best wishes,



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Toast isn't re-encoding it. It wants to "requantize" it which results in very little loss. It should only want to do this if your disc image is larger than 4.38 GB in size. If it is larger than that it is too big for a single-layer disc and can be burned without the fit-to-DVD feature to a dual-layer disc.

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