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Game Capture Hd Pro Warranty



Our Game capture Pro has been slowly but surely failing. 1st it stopped the sound going thru the HDMI cable, next only 3/4 of screen got captured, finally won't receive the signal.

I've searched the Roxio/Corel support site for filing a warranty claim and the info refers to software only.

Does anyone know how to apply for a warranty claim ?? Does this machine even come with a warranty ??



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Apparently this product doen't have a warranty other than return it in 30 days. After your 14 day free tech support, any questions will cost you $$$$.

For the $149 price tag, I expected more. Similar products carry a 1 year warranty not 30 days. Should have gone to Walmart rather than the Roxio site and bought the extended warranty, rather than having a $149 brick on my hands.

Way to go Roxio/Corel ! I have a disappointed Grandson because his Xmas 2012 present has broken in 2 months.

I'll be replacing it for him with a different product, one that carrys a 1 year warranty.

On a side note.....I have been a Loyal Corel Product supporter since Corel Graphics Suite 3, You just lost a Long Time Paying Customer.



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