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No Video


I have been converting my old VHS exercise tapes (don't judge) to DVD and was having no problems at all. The first 4 I converted turned out great. I did the exact same thing converting the 5th tape, but when I went to play the DVD on my t.v. I found that the audio was loud and clear, but there was no video at all. By that time I had already also converted a 6th VHS to DVD, which came out just fine like the first 4. Any idea what happened? I still have it saved and the video shows on my computer under the individual clips I used, but just nothing when I play it on my t.v. Do I have to convert it all again? And, if so, how do I correct my mistake so I don't spend 2 1/2 hours for nothing again (fast forwarding through the commercials). Any help is appreciated!

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Does the DVD display any video when played on the Mac?


You still have the captured clips on your Mac so you probably don't need to capture them again. I'm not sure what went wrong but there are some troubleshooting steps I'd try. The first is the see if the burned DVD plays okay on the Mac. The second troubleshooting step is to prepare the project in Toast again from the captured videos and choose Save as Disc Image. When that is done mount the disc image by selecting it with the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window. This should cause the DVD Player application to launch so that you can watch it on the Mac the same as if you inserted the burned DVD. Does the video play now? If so, go ahead and burn the DVD from the Copy window. If it still doesn't show any video then something is probably wrong with the first captured clip in the list. You can either edit a little from the start of that clip or you can select it in the Video files section of the Toast convert window and save it as a new video file. One of those steps may fix the issue.

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