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Mini-Picture Effect Over A Clip/interview



I have an interview clip. I also have a mini-picture of the individual of when he was a child. what I wish to do is lay in his mini-picture (like a TEXT effect/overlay) into the clip and maintain the interviewee's clip. I know I could do a picture overlay, but that completely covers the original interview/clip (but allows the audio). My desire is to show the 'new' in the interview clip and the 'old' picture in the corner or place of my choosing with maybe a slight rotation for a nice effect.


Any ideas or are there any effects that I'm missing? JmarkRON

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No, no special effects missed by you.


You were half way there tho. Once you put the 'picture' on the overlay track, then re-size it so it's small enough to only cover the area you want it in. Easiest way is once you add it, you should see it outlined in red in the preview pane. Grab the corner of it and pull towards the center, then move it to where you want it.

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