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Capturing Non Gamebox Data From Hdmi Or Component?



I have a Sagem HD PVR 101-ST cable box and is looking for a way to record output from it (to save programs I have recorded on the HD to video file in my PC before removing them from the HD).


My question is if the COREL ROXIO GAME CAPTURE HD PRO can record from any device that output HDMI and/or component or only from game consoles? What I am worried about is that the cable box use some "copy protection" on its signals?! Can component signal transfer copy protection and if so will the COREL ROXIO GAME CAPTURE HD PRO refuse to capture?


Anybody that have tried anything like this?

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How would you interpret "off-label användning" in Swiss???


Here, when something is 'labeled' do to certain things and you ask it to do something it wasn't designed to do... Off Label Use ;)


The article you cite is Over 2 years old :huh:


Since I don't have a Game Console, this is how I have been testing:


HDMI: (program on right monitor - left monitor is from RGC Pass Through)



(Protected will not capture!)





(Will Capture)
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