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Judy Muldawer

Changing Chapter Numbers To Titles

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I created a movie using iMovie, and marked all the chapters in iMovie.


When I went to burn the DVD, I wanted to use TITLES and not NUMBERS for the chapters, but the video burned with just numbers,


Now, each number is on a picture, but the pictures are all very similar due to the nature of this project, and there is no way I can tell which video I want to see by just looking at a number and the still picture.


In iMovie, I added the names of the chapters under the chapter markers, but they do not appear on the Toast burned issue.


Is writing in my own titles in Toast not doable? I tried, and failed, of course.

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Judy, you posted in the General Chat Forum!


You mention Toast but not what version of Toast.


Please tell us and the post will be moved to the correct forum.

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