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Can My Attachment Of My Video Be Sent To A Gmail Account


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I tried to sent my video to a friend with a gmail account and he could not open it. Is there a problem on doing this to gmail?


How large is your video you want to send to your friend through email?

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20KB. he says it goes to adobe & can't open it. I did not send it adobe.


It sounds like you were able to get the attachment to him so it looks like the Gmail account allowed you to send it. If you would have stated that in the original post, it would have saved all the other posts above. The issue is not the sending of the file, it is the opening of the file by your friend.


What kind of file did you send to him? It has to be a standard video format. if you used a Roxio program, it cannot be a project format. Standard formats are those like mpg. mp4, mov, and about a dozen others. Project formats would look like dmsm or dmsd or other 4 letter designations.


Your friend has to do his part. Whatever you sent, his computer recognized it as a file that looks to his computer as an Adobe format. There are many Adobe programs so unless you know which one, it could be anything. If he has a MAC, it could be mistaken for a "After Effects" file, or if a pc it looks like an Image file for PhotShop. Those are just examples but there are many more possibilities. He has to right click on the saved file and select to open it the program he uses to view video.


A suggestion - upload the video as a standard video format to YouTube as a private file. Remember that it has to be less than 10 minutes long. You would then send him a link to the video. No one has access to it.


Please reply with more information and let us know if you were able to resolve the issue.


Edit, I just noticed that the file was only 20kb. :o Was that what you sent or was it what he received. That is a very, very small file - typically in the order of a couple of seconds depending on the format. . Either you did not send a file or GMail blocked it.


Edit 2. The gmail limit is 25 mb including the text and the attachments.

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Thank you for the information. I forwarded your reply to my friend. At this point he has been very busy with work and has not tried it. I will let you know when I have an answer from him. Again, thank you.


Nicelady, you didn't answer any of the questions ! If you are not interested in what we sask and suggest, why did you ask? :unsure:

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