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Vhs Capture Functionality/documentation Vanished After Re-Install Pc W/ New Os



I bought Roxio Creator 2010 Special Edition 2010 with a red-white-yellow-cable to USB coverter for VHS signal capture a few years ago at Costco and didn't have any trouble with it until I tried using it on a Windows 7 Home Premium desktop PC. Here's some backbround info, if it helps.


On my old computer running Windows Vista Home Premium, before I installed Roxio Creator 2010 Special Edition, I would install a driver called simply "setup" with the rollover description "Setup launcher unicode version" that would enable my red-white-yellow cable-to-USB converter to work. After this driver woke up the converter, I would install the Roxio CD and immediately check for updates. After 10 minutes or so of updates, I could run Roxio Creator 2010 Special Edition and, on the "video" sub-menu, there would be a "digitize VHS tapes" option that I could select, bring up a screen, press "play" on my VHS player, and immediately capture a VHS video signal and save to a folder on my hard drive. One day I noticed that the 10-min. update didn't run anymore after re-installing Roxio and thought nothing of it since I wasn't in a hurry to digitize VHS just then.


As it happened, I bought a new computer running Windows 7 Home Premium, re-installed Roxio Creator 2010 Special Edition and went to try and access the same VHS menu but couldn't find it, so I tried running the same "Setup launcher unicode version" driver but I got a message saying that it's not compatible with my computer - I'm guessing because I changed operationg systems. So reformatting this time around on my new PC, I just installed the Roxio Creator 2010 Special Edition CD and left it at that. Once I started it up, the "Music audio > digitize LP's and tapes" option was still there and the red & white cable-to-USB jack on the converter works fine when playing and capturing audio signals from old cassette tapes but the VHS signal capture functionality has completely disappeared. There is no corrupted installation to repair - the "digitize VHS" option isn't there anymore. It's not a topic in the index that I could find, and for all intents and purposes, it's as if any evidence that this product could have ever been used to capture a VHS signal has disappeared from the menu options, the documentation, etc.


Where did the VHS capture functionality of Roxio Creator 2010 Special Edition go and how do I get it back? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks all!

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