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Ok, This One Is A Wierd Issue



I have "creator 2012 pro "which I have used on my windows 7 machine and an old windows XP SP3 machine.


Recently the win7 machine died and I had to revive an old win XP machine.


This particular win XP machine didn't have Creator on it (that hard drive is long gone). I put Creator on it and it seemed to install without issues. I rebooted the machine as per instructions and it now gets as far as the BIOS boot screen (the one that ways press F12 to boot from network, press F2 to enert setup, etc.), then their is a big burst from the fan (normal with startup of this machine) and then it restarts the boot process over again.


I installed a new hard drive thinking there may be an issue with the first onesince it was old. Installed all the necessary software and it worked perfectly after multiple restarts. I installed creator and rebooted and now it does exactly the same thing as it did with the first hard drive. I.e. getting only so far as the BIOS start screen and the sending itself into an endless cycle of reboots.


I have reseated all drive connections and power cables. I have reseated the ROM, tried restarting with and without the DVD drive. It was working fine before the Creator install in both cases and now.. nothing.


Any one seen this issue before or have any ideas what is happening?




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Please giver us this information about the computer you are having problems with. Remember to attach; not copy and paste.


What anti-virus do you have? Was it active when you did the installation?


Use the free trial of Revo Uninstaller Pro in the moderate mode to uninstall all traces of the first attempts. I think it will even work in safe mode.

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