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Paint It - Error Code 38


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Running Vista 64 on a Toshiba laptop


After instalation of Roxio NXT Pro when trying to run Paint it I received an Error 38. I did a "reapir", no help - then uninstall- reinstall with no change.

What's this about and what's next?




1.Go to start->Run and type in "services.msc" and click Ok.

2. Change the start type to Automatic, and click Ok.

3. Start PaintShop Pro and you should no longer get that error.

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OK I got all that I've got a long list of local services, which one should I change to atuo?


What Corel products do you list under services?


Make sure Paint Shop Pro 4x is set to auto and any other listed.


The fix for Error 38 is the same, no mater what Corel product you have.


In fact, I had the same error for Acronis True Image awhile back and the fix for it is the same.

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As for the question about Paint It not being in NXT I'll just say to look in the cab file RoxioCreatorNXTPRODisc2_LE09AXD1FUL. You'll find Paintit_10 in there and No I didn't have Paint it before this.


As for PaintShop Pro X4, it runs fine. I don't see a refference to paintshop in the services listing under anything I would recognize to set.

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My apologies, I do see Paint It as being installed. I didn't know it and can't find anywhere it is discussed in the Roxio sales information. Perhaps it is a teaser program that lets you try it and then buy it or it is part of the PaintShop Pro. I just don't know, sorry.

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In services I don't see anything about CD or Corel in Name or in the Discription. Roxio has four listings which are in Automatic and are running.

Paint It never get to a screen other than Error 38.


sknis talking about CD is referring to me, cdanteek!


Do I have to boot into a image with PaintShop Pro X4 and find it for you, or have you really looked?

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