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Many Many Issues



I don't know if you remember me Jim Hardin, but about 4 months ago, my capture card wasn't working correctly, and come to find out, it was my computer's specs. Well I bought a new computer that exceeds all the requirements, and there is always a problem. THIS being just one of them:


I can be playing for about an hour, then all of a sudden, my TV goes black for a few seconds. Usually happens in spurts. For example: It will be fine all night, then within a 10 minute period, it will black out almost 10 times, for a few seconds each time. Not only does it black out, but it deletes my recording.


Another issue. About 1/5 times that I open up the program, it will completely stop responding as it did on my old laptop. Both the recording program and VideoWave.


Like I said, that's just A COUPLE issues. My most current issue is my preview box is completely black. When I'm not recording, when I am recording, and just....always. It actually records the gameplay, but the black box makes me paranoid as if it's not working.


I know you're going to back Roxio up on this one (and as reprensentative, you should of course), but I may have a faulty capture card. Either that, or Roxio should have planned better before releasing this device and software, seeing that MANY customers have plenty of issues. I also say software, because VideoWave has minor problems, mostly just being slow... but I only use it to extract audio, so I'll go ahead and stop complaining about it.


Sorry to report so many issues, and I hope I get a reasonable response....

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I do not work for Roxio and I AM NOT their representative...


If your issues were ones of "software" explain why EVERYONE does not have it happening?


When software is suspected, you Repair it to see what happens!


Your blackouts could be Device-Cables-Plugs-VIDEO CARD...


Since it happens well into play, I would think heat buildup. But there are several things.


If you are through pre-defending, do you want to list your make/model & specs???


Edit: phone spell checker really let me down :P

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-Make & Model- Asus K55A

-Windows 8

-Processor- Intel® Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.5GHz

-RAM- 4.00 GB

-64-bit Operating System


The only reasonable explanation is that something is overheating. All cables are only about 1 month old.

Another thing that happened last night--I was viewing another users thread on the "blank preview box". Jim, I saw where you told him how to try to fix it, and I followed all steps exactly. Turned of AV and firewall, removed capture card, reinserted the Roxio disc, and ran the repair, turned back on AV and firewall, and rebooted the system. Only to run into a bigger problem. I open the capture window, and now I have no signal. -.-

Time to uninstall and reinstall and keep my fingers crossed.

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Nice Lap! ;)


yes, cables/wires/connectors was a bit of a strech since you continued to record a signal :huh:


Heat is suspect with any laptop ~ make sure you are running with AC power and have it sitting on a hard surface. (batteries add heat when in use & pillows block air passage)


AND it could be the RGC but how does it continue to provide a signal??? That leaves software and we will see what happens when you try that reinstall ;)

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