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Ps3 Hooked Up Properly Yet Getting A Red No Signal



Hello my name is XyMb and PS3 is hooked up properly i have componet cables in the video and audio outputs on the roxio and the hdmi cord going to my tv for better quality and then the usb cable from the roxio to my computer. i have componet cables with 1080i for display don't know what could be wrong.. help?

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Other than having componet cables on eachside of the Roxio, i have a stand alone HDMI from the roxio to my tv, nothing is different with the ps3 settings or the hook up of cables


Also the problem is i am getting a red no signal on my mediacapture software and i cant click any of the options buttons to change them.

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Try this:



*Turn off your PS3 console until you see the red light

*From there, press and hold the power button UNTIL YOU HEAR TWO BEEPS

*Try to connect the Game Capture again

*On Game Capture software, set Input from HDMI to Component.


Make sure to check PS3's display settings. Check 480p, 720p, 1080i then leave 1080p unchecked. Let me know the result.

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