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Easy Lp To Mp3 Export Provides Duplicate Track Number


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Yesterday after using Easy LP to MP3 to export all the tracks from an album to my hard drive I noticed that the album folder on the hard drive had two files that started with the number 12(two 12 tracks). One of the files was the correct track 12 from the album and the second one was really track 14 from the album. Because I checked the exported folder with Explorer prior to clicking Finish I decided to delete the album folder and perform the export again. The progress window during the export showed that track 14 was exported, but when I checked the album folder with Explorer, it showed two track 12 files. This has only occurred once and didn't occur with two other albums exported after this occurrence. The only strange thing I noticed about the tracks was that the track times for tracks 13 & 14 was the same, 04:14. I doubt if this was the cause of the problem. Has anyone experienced this problem and/or aware of what could have caused it?


To fix the problem, I used Explorer to rename the track 14 file to begin with 14. Everything seems to be fine with the album. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

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