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Creator Nxt Installation On Windows 8



Recently I purchased the Creator NXT software.


First: WHen I download the program, its name is "Creator 2012 ESD". Is it really the good version of product I had purchased ?


Second: When I try to install this one on a windows 8 PC then, there is a compatibility error message that printed. How to install this ? On the website there was explicitly written that NXT is compatible to Windows 8.


Third: I tried then to install on my laptop which run into windows 7. The installation works fine on it.



Thank you in advance.

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They're correct Jim.

I followed they're link and even though I don't read the language when I pushed the left button it took me to a page to buy and download and it says Roxio Creator 2012-ESD






Oops,sorry for posting after you.

Seems a bit slow loading this morning and it took me time to get the pic.

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