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Playing A Bluray Disk



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The WinDVD in Creator NXT will not play commercial blu ray and other DVDs. It will play only what you or someone else makes at home.


Note that Creator 2012 with the plug in played some of the older blu ray movies but Roxio didn't want to or couldn't keep up with the changing protection schemes. Creator NXT does not remove CinePlayer but does remove the blu ray function. If you still have the separate plug in, the blu ray capabilities may come back.


Look for another player that will play blu ray movies. Probably the Corel "full" does. I will send you a p.m. also. Look at the top of the forums for the envelop.

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Roxio NXT, WinDVD

Win7 Ultimate 64 bit


How can I play (view) a BluRay disk in this version of Roxio. I could in Roxio 2012 (CinePLayer w/BD plugi).






Your Blu ray burner didn't it come with software to play Blu ray disc's?

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