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Great Way To Stream And/or Record For Youtube With Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder 3.2


hey if anyone is having problems with the included ROXIO GAME CAP software for consoles due to having a cpu that does not meet the processing and memory I have a GREAT solution for you!!


Do what I do and use the ADOBE FLASH LIVE MEDIA ENCODER v3.2!


Its a great FREE program available from ADOBE.com.. What it does is encodes your signal to your specs via a desktop program and sends the signal to streaming sites REMOTE FLASH PLAYER.. This means you can stream to sites like blogTV.com, USTREAM.TV, Twitch.TV, Justin.TV, etc etc..


But.. heres the best part.. you can also RECORD the game to your cpus hard drive while you stream, or just stream, or just record!!


It is BY FAR the best solution of your computer is sub-par and doesnt meet ROXIO GAME SOFTWARE minimum system requirements..


Heres the HELP FILE telling you all about the ENCODER.. http://help.adobe.co...sing/index.html


and this is the link to download the ENCODER for free form ADOBE.. http://www.adobe.com...ia-encoder.html


also heres 3 screenshots of the encoder menu when you have the program opened on your cpu..









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you can also see my youtube videos recorded with the ROXIO GAME CAP STANDARD EDITION from PS3, and saved/streamed using the Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder 3.2..


Check out my channel on youtube at www.youtube.com/user/capricornphoto2


heres one of my NHL13 videos, me winning the STANLEY CUP vs the computer on PS3..



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