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Dvd Jumps On Playback.



Hello, hopefully someone out there can help me with my burn issues. I have creator NXT and when i have put together my movie it burns the disk. But and this happens everytime, when ever i play it back when it gets to around 50mins it starts to jump and does this for the remainder of the movie. I have all my drivers updated, i have used different types of disks burn speeds etc but still the same problem. If i burn a film in other software they burn ok. But really dont want to have to start all over again in a different software as i have spent alot of time and effort on this production and why should i as i have only just bought this one and it should work. Anyhelp would be brilliant.Many thanks in advance.


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Hi cdanteek


the movie total run time is 56 mins


i usully just leave it on fit to disk quality


and i have used memorex dvd+rw (re write disks)


and memorex dvd+r (write once)


any help would be much appriciated im pulling what little hair i have out and have promissed my friends there wedding video YESTERDAY.


Thanks again Chris

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Memorex is the bottom of the barrel or worse ! Use Verbatim, or JVC Taiyo Yuden (available on line only).


Always use burn/encode HQ = "best quality" to get an hour of video on a disc.


Always, when you go to burn, burn to an ISO file or to a folder set and not directly to a disc. If you burn to an ISO file, you can preview what will be burned to a disc using the free VLC player. If you do not see skips there and you do on a finished disc, it is the burner or the discs themselves. You burn the ISO or the folder set to the disc using "Video Copy and Convert" or for an ISO file, use "Burn ISO to Disc". BTW the folder set will allow you to put slightly more time on a disc is you are somewhat over the one hour mark.

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