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Installed Nxt Over 2011 And Have Left Over Parts From 2011



Just installed NXT over 2011. NXT said it was uninstalling all of 2011 but has left Roxio Burn behind.


A new version has been installed but the registry seems to be pointing still at the 2011 version.



"C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio 2011\Roxio Burn\RoxioBurnLauncher.exe"


I also have a version of BackOnTrack installed from an even older version. The file version of the exe is


I am on Windows 7 (X64) and neither appear in the "Programs and Features" list so I am unsure how to get rid of them.


I dont want to get too experimental as NXT seems to be working fine, at least on the few things I have tested so far.


Shall I just leave them be and put up with the windows resource and disk space they utilise or is there a way to clean up the leftover trash.

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Leave them, someday you will want them. Some things are better in Creator 2011 than in NXT. I did what you did and have the same plus some other parts of the 2011 program. There are no issues with them together.


Edit: You should see a folder simply labeled "Roxio" if you look at all programs. That is where "Roxio Burn" and "Back on Track are listed.

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Thanks sknis I will leave them alone.


I actualy have 3 Roxio directories; Roxio has BackOnTrack and CinePlayer, Roxio 2011 has Roxio Burn and an empty Roxio Central (Why the uninstaller left an empty directory only the programmer knows) and the final directory is the new Roxio Creator NXT with all the new stuff and the new Roxio Burn.



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