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Vhs To Dvd For Mac: Vcr Only Has One Audio Output

NYC Rocker


Hello, I just got Roxio VHS to DVD for Mac and I realized my VCR only has two outputs: One (yellow) video RCA and one (white) audio RCA. No red audio output. If I hook up my RCA cables with the three, and just ignored the red one, would that be okay? (Or would it end up playing out of only one speaker or some such crazy thing?) Or should I go buy a Y adapter or something? Please tell me EXACTLY how to hook it up on the VCR end and on the computer/capture end <-- with or without red?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Get a Y adapter....take your White from the Vcr and plug into the adapter, then take the Red and White from the adapter and plug that into Roxio unit.




Just leave as is, it will just be mono not stereo. It all depends how picky you are with quality sound. It would not bother me, but i'm a old fart.


Try it the way you have it now, and see how it sounds to you.

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