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Burning Windows Media Center Files To Dvd



So I am not sure where I should post this, but I just realized that Windows Media Center on Windows 8 does NOT support burning recorded TV shows to DVD anymore... not sure why...


So... Before I drop the cash, will Creator NXT be able to read and burn these files onto a DVD for use in a standard DVD player connected to a TV? I just want to be sure before I buy.


If this is in the wrong forum I apologize.





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Hi Ken,


Microsoft removed all DVD type facilities when they introduced Windows 8. I believe it was licensing issues with the third party software they used to play/burn DVDs.


Windows Media Centre records in a Microsoft proprietary format, WTV. Unfortunately Roxio Creator NXT does NOT recognise this as a valid input format.


So your options are to either convert WTV format to dvr-ms format (facility provided within Windows 8 via a right click drop down menu) or find a third party software to convert from WTV to either MPG or AVI.


Alternatively use Nero Platinum as I do since this is the only video editor I have found that recognises WTV format without conversion.




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