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How Do I Make A Pal Dvd With Several Different Slideshows?


hello all, I have Toast Titanium 10 version 10.0.9 (569) updated on 14-02-13, it has been working fairly well but often I do something wrong because the burned DVD slideshows cannot be paused in my LG DVD player. What step am I doing wrong? I have slideshows of jpeg family photos several sets eah slideshow contains only 99 photos but after burning it the DVD player will play it but doesn't allow it to be paused or fast forward or fast rewind,it is really the Pause function that would be nice to be able to tell toast to make the DVD pauseable. There is never audio on these slideshows. mac book pro 10.6.8.

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What I've found is I often have to press the pause button twice to get it to pause. There is no fast forward or rewind but you can use the chapter advance and back buttons to go forward and backward. Toast doesn't support audio with its DVD slide shows.


There are other kinds of slideshows you might consider. You can have iPhoto or iMovie or some other apps make a movie from your slides. These allow audio plus effects such as panning and zooming and adding titles. Since these are movies the pause, fast forward and rewind work the same as any other movie. The downside of this kind of slide show is the picture quality is less than the still-frame DVD slide shows.

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