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Xbox 360 Picture Being Weird On Tv



hey guys got my roxio hd yesterday and it's acting quite strange the picture is mainly good but certain things are staticy and have lines flying through them like the dashboard (but not always depends what's on the screen) and when i press the xbox home button the screen goes blank? this problem only seems to affect my TV (which works fine with my old roxio) as the preview window looks fine, any ideas? I'm using component cables. I'm wondering if the Codecs are faulty with my roxio (if it has those) due to the fact that only) certain things are playing up.

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Anybody have any advice? sick to death of this problem and Roxio never been more disappointed in a product had such high hopes, how do I go about returning this as it's clearly faulty, support isn't talking to me so frustrated should of bought a different device...

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Sorry no one jumped on this sooner :huh:


Drivers??? When you plug in your RGC HD, look in your Device Manager for this entry:



(just like that - NO exceptions)


You mentioned using your Xbox with Component... Would you be able to test it with an HDMI cable instead???


Likewise, you do have the MicroSoft Cables and not the ones a the MiniMart Checkout stand??? :lol:


Are they firmly inserted and not swinging in the breeze?


Might be good to list your PC Specs - like I have in my Sig Block. ;)

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