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New Version Is Not Compatible With Windows 7?



Just purchased a new version like others, and frankly frustrated. It will not let me save my projects after I have created them. When I go to retrieve them I get the warning sign that tells me that Windows can not find the files. How do you save and be assured that you can retrieve the file for future CD recording? I am also told, by windows, that ROXIO, does not have an authorized or electronic signed driver, thus windows pops up telling me that this software is not compatible, and unsafe to use!. How do you fix this? Now Windows will not open the Roixio format with an extension error coming up telling me that ROXIO is not recognized! Good grief all of this when the box clearly states COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS SEVEN! Now to really get the blood pressure up, I registered the product, and in the email would get a number so I could "connect" with ROIXIO technical assistance. No number. For a new product this is disgusting! I went back to the store, OFFICE MAX where I purchased the software seeking a return and they said they could not do so because the seal was broken! Good GRIEF. Can someone help, a frustrated ROXIO customer.

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Without know which application in the Suite you are using and what you are doing I wouldn't want to vernture a guess...


In short, you Save a Project and it will have an extension with something like dmsa, dmse, or dmss, depeding on the app...


If you have moved or deleted any of the files that were connected with that Project, of course it will error when it can't find them :huh:


Go back, do another one and keep notes on what you are doing. See what happens ;)

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Thank you Jim for your response! Please let me explain. I purchased a 10.3.104 Easy CD & DVD burning, version a few days ago

ONE-I cut the LP in the convert LPs/tapes application, and when they are finished, (That is clicks, etc, taken out) I then bring the files (individual songs) to a file on a hard drive with the respective artist. I then bring those individual files over to the Audio CD software application,, title, them and cut the CD. The CD is an excellent copy, and all works well to this stage. Then I open the SAVE AS file and save it in a folder on my desktop. All seems fine. When I go back, after I have, closed out the audio CD software application, I get the warning sign and told that “the file you selected could not be found”. I have tried to save the same way on external hard drive, and get the same behavior. I have not “tweaked” nor done anything but save the file. BTW I record all of the lps in the Wav best quality format. What is wrong here?

TWO-windows tells me that Roxio does not have an electronic signed driver thus the warning from windows comes up when I boot up. I have no clue how to secure an electronic copy, I would assume such was compatible with the hardware. Again thanks for your response, I hope I can fix this save issue, because I have about 500 lps to save! And too, I hope this makes sense. Ric

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I don't see any issue ~ I just tried it...


My steps look like this:


Create Project & Save:



File Open Saved Project:



Right where it left off:



I did close the Burning Program and reopen it.


I think you may want to try a Repair of the software...


First thing to do is to turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc.


Now insert your Roxio Disc (download version - run Install)


Be sure you accept the offer to Check for Updates (this is for Roxio, not Windows)


When you reach the screen where
is offered, choose that!


When the Repair competes, turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot.

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Thanks again I appreciate the quick response! I will give these suggestions a try. It should make no difference where I save, the same should apply with a "C" drive or an external drive. Do the files have to be listed on the respective drive for Roxio to find the files?

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This is the most unfriendly software I have ever used! I did as you suggested and saved the copy on an external drive. It retrieved the songs twice and all is fine. The third time gave me an error message and this THING could not find the files! !!!!!!!!! I prefer to save these files on a backup hard drive. There are a great many of hours in creating these files and frankly I am about ready to give up! I might add that on the net review there are a number of complaints about Roxio. So now what do I do?

I am not a computer expert nor care to be one. I just wanted to download some music on this EASY CD Roxio product for enjoyment. Not the case with this software. So where do I turn off anti virus, registry, etc. as you suggest? Your message is confusing to me what do you mean by (download version)?

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If you don't have a downloaded version it would not apply to you...


I have never had an issue saving or recovering from any computer in my house (4 networked).


You really need to run the repair...


Also it is possible that you computer is is assigning a different drive letter to your External than the one it was using when the Project was saved... That would bring it to a screeching halt ;)

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