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Hi all..


I'm unable to update my email address in the forums under Settings..


It constantly comes back with an error "Your password is incorrect."


I've double, and triple checked, and my password is (indeed) entered correctly.


Does the email address have to be different ? Like a complete new email@domain ? as its just the username portion i'm trying to change.


I still have the same Gmail account @gmail.com, but i've just changed the username. Could this be why ?

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The boards software to change email is broken through this forums settings.


Go here Roxio's main page. http://www.roxio.com/enu/default.html


Click the My Account at the top of the page. After you sign-in you go to your accounts page. Click Update Your Member Profile, that brings you to a page that lists your email address, next to it click, Email Address Changed. that brings you to a page that asks for your old email address, type it in. Click next and it asks you your security question, put it in and click next and finally you get to New Email and Re-Enter Email. Put in your new email twice and click next the boards software will send you a email to the new emails address. Now you have to click on a link in the email and re-set your password it can be the same as it was before but this is the only way to change a email address.


Let me know how you make out.

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Yes, This worked,


I had to set up Reminder password, first, but afterwards, got emailed at the new address.

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