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Feedback Site Broken - Feature Request (Feature Missing)


1. I try to use the feedback request link under help - page never loads. That means you don't want to hear from us, right? Claim otherwise, but until you fix it, I have no choice but to believe that.


2. On multiple data disk burns there MUST be a way to allow a person to restart a burn in the middle. I've just burned 30 disks (3-4 in each group) with no problem. But now, I encountered some weird disk and toast problem in the middle of a set - and there seems to be no way to fix it. Toast hung halfway through the verification and had to powercycle the drive too. I verified the hung disk by hand - its fine. Now I get to throw away the disks and start a four disk burn all over again.


3. While we are at it - you allow multiple drives - WHY CAN I NOT use multiple drives to burn ONE COPY of a multi-disk set?


These seem like obvious functionalities.



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Just so you know, the readers of the forum are Toast users and not affiliated with Corel or Roxio.


1. When Corel bought Roxio the feedback link in Toast Help was discontinued. You can send bug reports and feature requests to Corel using a link I posted at the top of this forum.


2. No there isn't a way to do that. Since the folders and files are burned alphanumerically, you could look at the last usable disc and modify the content in the Toast window so that you start a new session approximately where the last one left off.


3. Multiple drives was a new feature added to Toast 11. Maybe they can add that feature should there ever be a Toast 12.

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