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Dvd Disk Not Mounting



Using Mac osc 10.7.5 with Toast 11

Two problems..


I have checked the box "auto-play disc on insert" but it will not do it. I can not get the disk to mount or start playing. All of the files seem to be there but I can only get it to play by opening the VOB file in MPEG Streamclip


When I go to the about Toast Titanium to check an see if I have the current update I only get black boxes moving across the window with some large blue graphic words saying capture, share and then a black box

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If you can open a VOB file from the disc in MPEG Streamclip, then your disc is mounted.

Auto-play disc on insert is a feature for set top DVD players, so it doesn't start with the menu, but starts playing the main movie.

For Auto-play to work on your Mac, you need to have set the corresponding option in System Preferences to open Apple DVD Player on insertion of a DVD-Video disc.

If you open Apple DVD Player manually, can you play the disc then?

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I also have this problem but only when selecting the HD option. It will auto start if using the DVD option. It burns the DVD and the files can be opened by going into Finder and selecting them off the DVD. I have Version 11.1 and the Pro application. Suggestions appreciated.

Macs don't play Blu-ray video discs (which is what the HD DVD is) without a special application. Toast has the Roxio Video Player in its Extras menu that can play those burned discs, although the menu is not accessible.

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